How We Operate & Frequently Asked Questions


General Information

Our normal production time is 10-14 days. This allows us to dedicate the time needed to your project as well as the other projects that are currently in production. 

Your project time will start once you approve your job proof. USA PRINTWEAR will send a proof for each project. We do our very best to produce and show your proof within 1 business day of the job agreement. 1 Proof and an adjustment are included in the original cost of each project. Any additional proofs or changes will incur additional charges.

An electronic proof will be supplied for each project. Your proof will show your artwork, print position, colors used, style of apparel and any special notes for your project.


Screen Printing Artwork

Artwork for screen printing needs to be supplied to Graphix Haus as vector art. .pdf, .eps, .ai files are preferred.

We do offer custom artwork, art adjustment and correction and graphic design. For our art services we charge $65.00 per hour and bill in 15 minute increments.

UNACCEPTABLE artwork file types are: .jpg/.jpeg files .png files ms word, ms paint, ms pow low resolution images - 300 dpi or lesser resolution



Can I supply my own shirts for printing?

Yes you can. However there are some guidelines that you have to know before hand. 

USA Printwear will not replace any supplied items that might be misprinted or damaged during production. If you absolutely need a certain quantity, it is advised that you supply extra items.  

Fashion Apparel does not screen print well. Shirts that you might by at stores such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, TJ Max, Boscov's, Kohl's, etc are manufactured to different standards, they are designed to have a soft fiber, a loose comfortable weave. These retail and fashion items are also treated with chemicals like formaldehyde  to resist staining and keep them wrinkle free during storage and display. These processes result in fabric that often creates issues for printing on them. Due to these manufacturing standards of retail apparel we can only accept shirts made by the following manufactures for screen printing.

Gildan, Jerzees, Champion, Port & Company, Next Level, Fruit of the Loom, Under Armour.... (Any item found in the provided catalog links under Our Services.)


Can I get different items printed like t shirts, sweat shirts, etc...?

Yes you can. Depending on the sizes of the items, and for instance, the pocket on a hoodie, your artwork might not fit. If your artwork does not fit, we will have to make new films and screens for your job. Because we will have to re set up our press, you will be charged extra, and the different size art will be treated like a new job.


Can I mix shirt colors?

Yes. Please note that we might have to change colors to accomplish this and there is an additional fee to change colors. Also keep in mind that we might have to adjust the artwork as well. If so there will be an additional art charge and additional screen charge.




A Company Must Meet the Following Requirements to qualify:

Once Approved:

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We work with you to make sure you are supported at every step of the process

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